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    본 제품은 QHY9 Mono에 사용하는 필터휠입니다. 독립적으로 2인치 전동 필터휠로 사용 할 수 있습니다. PC에서 컨트롤 가능하며, 맥심으로 콘트롤 가능합니다. 타사 CCD와 부착도 가능하며, DSLR에도 사용 가능합니다. DSLR에 사용면 필터 전동으로 교환할 수 있어 매우 좋습니다.


     2인치 슬리브 포함.  DSLR을 부착은 별도 상담해 주세요.


    QHY Filter Wheel (QFW) is a 5 slots filter wheel driven by accurate stepper motor. It supports 2 inch filters (50.8mm max. for unmounted filters, 48mm max. for mounted) for CCD up to 35mm in full size. A high precision linear sensor is used to ensure a consistent origin position.

    This wheel is possibly the thinnest in the market, only 18.5mm at the thickest part of the wheel and it only weighs 370g.

    Connection wise, the QFW supports a direction connection to QHY9 and a RS232 connection for other cameras (including non QHY's through ASCOM). There are 12V DC input and output jacks on the wheel which allows you to supply electricity to other cameras, motorised focuers and other devices while reducing the clutter of your equipment.


    • 5 slots for 2" filter
    • Supports 48mm mounted filter and 50.8mm unmounted filter
    • M54/0.75 thread
    • Compatible with up to 35mm full frame CCD
    • Stepper motor driven
    • High precision linear sensor for accurate origin position
    • Swappable filter wheel
    • Standard RS232 port
    • Opto-coupler port (for QHY9)
    • ASCOM supported
    • Dual 12V DC input and output ports
    • 18.5mm only at the thickest part
    • 370g only (without adapters)